Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Patience Grasshopper

After just reading comments over at A Wonderful Journey, I tossed in a comment at the end and then sat back to reflect for a moment that I could use a bit of encouragement as well, but I just don't take the time to really blog about where my life is at the moment. Duh...

I'm just too quick to live in the moment of the rest of you, and don't offer where I am in comparison (not that any of our lives would correspond exactly anyway...). And at the moment, it is mute anyway. However, I did just get an interesting email from someone that flirts with me occasionally that ended with a comment that I'm not sure I understand: 'I greet that place where you and I are one'. ???

I'm not sure what she means by that and not yet in a position to push that communication aspect that I keep mentioning throughout my blog. Sigh...

In the meantime, I'll keep re-reading Sarah's BCWYWF and think through what I would say when the moment arrives. Thanks again to all of you in blogland that share your stories and experiences, for what you write lifts many more to push towards the intimacy we seek.

Stay warm and safe travels to you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Small Gifts, Happy Wishes

Suddenly it is that time of year again... and I'm hoping everyone gets what they want on their list. Of course, depending on how naughty and nice you've been may depend on what will appear Saturday morning.

Here's hoping for that there is a small gift for you both, may it bring you much happiness and days weeks and months of glowing intimacy that will keep smiles on your lips well past winter and into the warmth of summer...

Now I hope you both compiled your list to Santa of all the expectations and hopes for the holiday and top it off by sharing it with your partner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Regarding Intimacy - Which Would He Choose?

If you set your husband/boyfriend down and viewed a long list of exotic photos, which do you think he would select? And why? What is it that drew him to that photo? Lust? Content? Composition? Or just clearly the sex...?

And your views on the same photo? Or some he didn't select? Any fantasies shared with masturbation? Threesomes? Kinks? No... I don't include male chastity play as kink; we are just ahead of the game. Maybe I've been here too long, but male chastity play is just deep intimacy within a couple that love each other. OK, maybe on the edge-of-vanilla (where have I heard that before?) Anyway, here is an interesting spot if case you need a starting place.

Just another avenue to explore the levels of comfort in talking through the intimacy that the two of you share. Does he have a few photos tucked away in a folder somewhere he hasn't shared with you? Just wondering...

WAIT... I forgot to add if you really are curious about his reactions, try it with him naked. A twist on reading his 'body language' and how it corresponds to what he says...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Busted... By Balancing a Check Book?

While running through the monthly expenditures, she pauses on a paypal purchase. "You bought a book via PayPal? What is it about?"

"It is a book on intimacy, by Sarah Jameson, titled 'Be Careful What You Wish For'. Would you like to read it? It is in our shared directory..."

So far... I don't think she has cracked it, so on to the suggestions Sarah has in the book for 'making the leap'. Hmmmm....

I breezed through her book the first time, and I'm starting a second read, and truly appreciate the depth and content, and would put it on your 'must read' list for the holiday if you haven't started that yet.

Believe It ... He DOES really mean it.

While getting a few rare moments again, I wandered over to MikeCB's Chastity Journey and read a recent post that I would agree with regarding whether women really believe we mean it. Tease me and deny me. The truth is, years ago in my youth, I would have probably not believed it either... WHY would a man rather be repeatedly on the edge and not be allowed to orgasm, and love to see his partner pleasured to the hilt? As ofter as she desires?

While we are all wired a bit differently, and each of us will vary slightly in those desires and perhaps the degree of being teased & denied, unmistakeably there are many men out here that want exactly that. And as many of the 'real' life blogs are finally saying... the benefits for her typically exceed anything he is experiencing.

Wander over and check the full text... and ladies, if you don't trust the concept, just feel free to try it. Once you start the journey, I doubt you will want to go back...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From High on the Mountain... Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a warm and friendly holiday... with double helpings of love...
Cherish and enjoy all that surrounds us.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Naivete?

Browsing a quick moment this morning brought me to two words that I've not known before, although I'm intimately familiar with both. Compersion and Candaulism. I've got to run and must return later to the discussion, but didn't want to forget them, since many who read these pages can relate to both, either in practice or fantasy...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diversity & Communication

After skimming through a few blogs this morning, I see a common thread again that I've written about numerous times... and it still appears as a major barrier to many of us. Communication. I probably don't need to reiterate the importance of it again (you will find it many times through the history of my blog), so I'll fore go the subject, other than to say I wish there were as easier way for each of us to stop dancing around the thoughts in our heads and just get it right.

Another theme that peeks from under the sheets... diversity. Thankfully, each of us is a bit different and our response to the variety of stimuli is as varied as the day is long. While I really enjoy reading the blogs, and try not to judge what stirs emotions in one direction or another, I find it incredibly interesting that the general themes surface as they do. I can see as I write this that I could easily spend the rest of the day writing on the subject, but that won't happen with the dead lines I have. Perhaps another time...

I most appreciate when couples share their thoughts on the blogs, and see responses from partners that indicate the emotions or thoughts from their partners seem to flow through where they might not have made it through the verbal exchange, or even the barrage of events that pass through our daily lives. Kudos to those of you that find a way to extend that communication and understanding that we all seek. What I do wonder is if our simply wearing of the steel cage and surrendering the key to our ladies is a special extension of making that higher level of communication possible between us. Intimacy with extra frosting on the cake...

Ok, and yes, then there is all the deep emotions associated with 'OMG - He is giving me the power of control over his orgasms... and allowing me unlimited pleasure to all I can have'.

I'm rambling and must get back to the tasks at hand... (no, not that one, real work). Have a great day in chastity.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gaining Popularity?

Seems this latest find is gaining as the cage of choice... just not TSA safe. But that may become mute with the new body scanners being employed?

So comfort and increasing choice of our ladies?

Love the Real Blogs

I'm not gone... just buried. But I still try to get out and read a number of the blogs and love reading life moving along, and while day to day stuff will always be there, the play continues, and in some cases, grows (no pun intended).

Keep talking and thanks for sharing!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Nails It AGAIN!

I don't know what I was reading lately, or if something in her new Guide triggered something, but as I commented in her blog, the thoughts of why male chastity play appeals to me was, again, rumbling through me head. Then she writes on the very subject today in her blog. Incredible...

Just wander over and read today's blog and you'll know what I think is missed by too many women. It is so obvious men and women are just plain wired differently, and as she has mentioned repeatedly, we males do WANT our orgasm, but do crave the denial. It is paradox to be sure, and just too few people know this even exists. I WANT my orgasm, but more than that, LOVE the experience to see her heaven sent in pure unbridled pleasure.

Thanks Sarah for your insights here... I clearly don't have the time to devote as you have taken in the last six months to pour your energy to trying to share this loving concept with us. And John, without your openness to communicate these deep rooted desires and thoughts, Sarah may not appreciate the door you opened.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a Quick Tease

Inspired again during the night, but again without much of a day to share it...

I did read through Sarah's Guide and have a bit to share there too, but it will have to wait...

Hope it is a great Wednesday! By now, everyone is probably curious about the Cosmo edition on the magazine shelves with the 'Own His Orgasm' teaser on the front cover... I know I am.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sarah's BCWYWF Guide

I'm about half way through Sarah's book, and repeatedly impressed with the accuracy her Guide pinpoints in my own life, emotions, and how the experiences bear out much of what she writes. As someone who also encouraged her to write the guide, I did not expect the broad insightful and meaningful extent that I'm finding... I do wish I could highlight some passages as I read through it.

And regarding the previous post... The fortune cookie would apply to couples who have been practicing chastity play and not someone who has not brought up the subject yet with his or her partner. Read first Sarah's insights to that area we typically are fearful to approach.

I know Sarah & John only through her blog, but find a connection deeper than I ever imagined. Ok Ok... I hate to really sound like a rubber stamp, but anyone remotely interested in this subject should consider reading this book. I'm going to keep reading, and see a 5 star endorsement coming...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fortune Cookies?

Couldn't resist... But wouldn't it be interesting to have a fortune cookie with real messages?

One for Love...

One to love, one for pleasure...

Fantasy or real, which ever makes your day, just make sure it is her pleasure. Hopefully yours, whether denied and delayed, and enclosed in steel or plastic, is most probable... you just won't know when.

Just be sure everyone follows the rules...

The joy and pleasure she shares may make your day whether you enjoy a tease and denial, or tease and release... or even if she just whispers these thoughts in your ear as she teases you to the edge.

Oh, these loving thoughts that creep into my head as my other computer crunches away on data... I need to obviously take a break and do this properly.

Have a super day... and night!

Another Woman's Male Chastity Blog

I love hearing from the women that have been open minded and open to playing with male chastity, and in this case, she introduced the play to her husband, instead of the usual husband to wife scenario. And it is always refreshing to see how the play progresses and grows to an equitable (or more) level for her and her partner.

As well, it is nice to see some intelligent comments and finally getting away from some of the extremes we were accustomed to finding as the predominant chastity stories. Check out Dev & Ab's new blog.

And she has already found and explored Sarah's 'Be Careful What You Wish For' book recently released. More sanity and real life...

Hope everyone is having a lively and good week as we edge toward fall.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Appreciating Her Comments

I always appreciate and value the comments of wives & girlfriends as they are confronted with the very foreign concept of a male chastity device. This one rang a few bells over at Cricketed's blog.

"... It follows that a few months later when he happened upon the concept of male chastity, he was ready to make the decision. My husband chose to wear the cricket. He did it for us and for me—and, certainly, himself. He wanted us to be more intimate and honest and unafraid. He actually wanted to ache for me. He wanted us to be continually excited by each other. He didn’t know if he knew at the time that it would make us share a more equitable exchange. But, that any man should want to put his cock into a locked device and trust me with its key in order to make our relationship more meaningful and sexually exuberant astonished me. It also made me laugh. There is something very sexy and very funny about the cricket."

"The question of artificiality barely brushed my brain. This man was offering himself to me in a way I had never expected and his vision of what it could be was extraordinary. It was expansive. He saw ahead but let us explore it slowly. From this vantage, the question about whether it was a crutch seemed small and did not compare to the generosity of the gift"

Wow, ok, if you get a moment, hop on over and check out the rest of J's comments.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stumbled onto Good Advice

Anyone reading my blog for any time knows how I feel about communication... and I just read about a few women that couldn't agree more. As in What Other Hotwives Should Know, she has a set of rules that we should all agree with...

Another writer wishes she had followed that set of rules... while keeping her hubby locked and at home.

So much to learn about ourselves... and so little time. I know in more relationships than I imagined, even Sarah's Blog, people keep the fantasy of cuckold play as just that... fantasy, and with enormous results. But still, the thought of her first time is extremely titillating.

Enjoy... and be safe. Ahhh.... the pleasures of a woman.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Much to Share, So Little Time...

It seems so much flows through my brain, especially in the early morning hours... I should just keep note paper next to my pillow.

In the meantime, until I find that time, I'll just have to note that I've read Thumper's blog and his agreement and disagreement with Cricketed's thoughts on the subject of orgasm control and male chastity... It is good that we're all on the same page... and not. Anyone reading my blog for awhile know I don't quite fit either mold... but close.

Anyway... I'm waiting for Sarah's almost published new book on our favorite subject. Not the Mini Guide, but the new more comprehensive one. And while you're at her site, read, or subscribe to her emails. Wow... teasing him with... oh I'll let you find out.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos Say So Much!

I love photos that express those 'thousand words', like this one, with of course his obvious chastity, and her loving message with one hand, and the grip she has with the other. Then of course, the anklet with the key dangling from her ankle. How can we not just smile? Lucky couple...!

When will the players in the chastity world share more photos like this one?

Or is everyone just having too much fun in 'the game'? 'Love on' everyone, and grab that camera once in a while and share.

Imagine the next photo with him caged and a caption such as 'Shhhh... I'm thinking of another dozen orgasms before bringing him to one... or maybe next week?'

Your caption?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rule of Three

When she asks for the ‘Rule of Three’, I can of course agree, or not. But, of course, curiousity usually always leads to a concensual ‘Yes’… So, will it be three minutes, hours, days… or months? Trying to outguess her always gets me in trouble.

And, depending upon my mood at the moment, may illicit entirely different reponses from me… from really wanting three minutes, to hoping for three months. As I continue to learn about myself, the short term desire for the ‘3 minutes’ lockup is just that. Three minutes, and a typical lovemaking moment of heaven with her. And maybe a week before life and busy schedules allow another break and time for love.

But, on the other hand… three months of spending time in her tease & denial lockup somehow always ends up in much more frequent lovemaking, although my chance of reaching the big ‘O’ is totally up to her whim under the ‘Rule of Three’. To make it even more interesting, since it is her decision, what I may think is 3 hours might end up being a week.

And I don’t care… and I do care. As Sarah Jameson has pointed out, we males do want our orgasm, but crave the denial. Yes, well, everything in our world just isn’t black and white is it. So the denial and frustration, being what it is, is truly what we want, especially with a heavy dose of teasing… Don’t try to figure us out, just go with it. What does make it all worth while is the pleasure she derives from both the orgasms that I drive her to, and the pleasure she enjoys having me caged. I’m getting an erection just thinking about it… If you want a better understanding of male chastity, please read Sarah’s ‘Guide to Male Chastity’. You won’t be sorry; it will be in your mind until you experience it yourself.

And how the ‘Rule of Three’ is communicated is not important… email, text, or just a whisper in my ear as we pass.

And today, nearly 1pm, it is a simple text message. From my home office, I wander up to the bedroom, and there on my pillow is the velvet bag. Quickly, trying not to think too much of the consequences yet, I drop my shorts and prepare to lock myself up. As I finish, I thread the lock through the hole, and text back ‘Do you want to hear the click?’. Minutes seem to pass, when today, instead of the usual ‘Absolutely’, her response is ‘Click it NOW’. With a deep breath, I push the lock together with the usual positive sound that it is now secure. I text back ‘Let the Fun begin..’ and receive a quick return text ‘Love You!’.

Ahhh… here we go. Surrender… not submission.

And another text... 'Guess what I have done with the key?'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obviously not focusing on my work...

Two screens... one on work, and the other open to Sarah's blog. And I wonder why I don't have my full attention on my contract? Hmm...

And the thought of being fully into the new month of chastity play, and playful pillow talk... And the cage getting very tight... again! Sarah's expressions of how this game proceeds should be on the top seller list this year.

How long will it take for more main stream knowledge of this play? And her description of 'feminine power'? Powerful indeed...

And I suppose she is right... I'm screaming for release, but really hoping she just smiles and firmly replies 'NO'. And when she decides to enjoy the feel of my penetration, the key snaps open the lock, and I'm free and swelling... And as she guides me to her moist and waiting self, she whispers 'This is mine and only mine... do Not cum'. And I don't... until she decides it is so.

And 'NO' again... but ultimately know that someday she will whisper 'Now!' But in the mean time, she has had the pleasure she never dreamed until our chastity play began.

Oh I hope everyone is enjoying their day...


Along similar lines of thinking from the previous post... Sarah's shared comments just rush through our heads.

Your frustration and building anticipation of a future release from your cage, and her confidence building, thanks to your constant appreciation and desire for her... and the elevating teasing that comes with her growing self worth and esteem. And the pillow talk that has followed from those 'dreams of my good friend Tom...' Yes, Tom, of all people... actually acknowledging he finds your wife very attractive... And the two of us playing with that scenario numerous times in our lovemaking... except now, caged, my hardness pressing to fill the cage... and your incredibily detailed description of just a few hours ago...

Wait... did you?

Sarah Really Hits It Again!

Sarah's recent posting on the benefits of male chastity from the womans viewpoint is right on the mark again... So many excellent points that you just have to read the post. Getting these across to both partners in the relationship really head for the win-win (although I wonder about the 'win' for me).

As I've mentioned in previous posts of my own, I wondered how or if the concept of 'sharing' or a modern version of cuckolding, would ever play in my own head, along with chastity play. Obviously I'm not the first to consider it, and being of mind that any jealousy that spiked in my mind would be secondary to her pleasure, and her feeling of freedom to make that choice to play and experience others. Sarah and John have shared that same discussion (and on passionate levels too according to Sarah), and even though she keeps that choice as part of the power she emboldens within chastity play, it is there to spice the play to a higher level.

So her excellent writing continues...

" ... the thought of being able to have no-strings sex with someone new and scratch that itch, yet still have the secur­ity, intim­acy and warmth of a strong rela­tion­ship behind you. For me one of the major male chastity bene­fits I can have that cake and eat it, too."

I wonder if this isn't the thinking of more women, and perhaps why they don't broach the thought with their husband. If he has his head on straight and realizes he is her partner, and not her owner, and knows she is coming back with pleasures to share... then it can be another step higher in their combined passion & play.

"Know­ing a man as desir­able, mas­cu­line and power­ful as John wants me so much boosts my ego no-end. Know­ing he loves the thought of see­ing me fuck another man catches my breath in my throat, even though it’ll never hap­pen. Yes, he looks at other women and porn, but that’s all to my bene­fit in the long run: male chastity bene­fits us by keep­ing that desire for me hot and bub­bling all the time."

She and John have struck the balance that seems to keep them at the level that most of us only experienced early in a hot relationship. For that, I am jealous... (Ok, I'm working on it...)

You just have to read the entire post... and blog, for that matter. As she mentions... it is all consensual... even as it drives us guys crazy with desire & frustration... 'we're both loving it!'

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enjoying Sarah's Blog

So little time, so much to say... but I hope everyone is catching Sarah's Blog
and all her insight and real life experience that I think many readers actually seek.

And if you haven't subscribed to her Guide, I would recommend it. It is excellent reading for both husband & wife, especially if you follow her suggestions, such as the list. I suspect if we all actually did as mentioned, we really would have much to celebrate... and pleasure shared.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Time in the Rockies

Not my usual post, but it is finally nice and nearly all the snow gone in town. And bicyclists are out by the groves...

Love this shot... talk about a tease! Hope everyone is out and taking in some fair weather.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wait... We're Missing the Point

Those of us reading Tom and Sarah's blogs are getting quite a lesson in logic and debate... but I would like everyone to revisit the question. Oh, what was that? That might be in who you ask; personally, I would like to go back to something on track with 'vanilla male chastity', or how to provide resources for wives and girlfriends to explore a journey into male chastity without being frightened away screaming....

Granted, my blog isn't exactly vanilla territory, but much of my previous experiences actually contributed to my blog, before I realized such activities and fantasies even existed. And I haven't had time to write more of what I haven't touched on yet. No, nothing drastic... just things like my old neighbors that invited me to her bed while hubby was out on business. As it turned out, hubby was 'too big' and I, being more 'average' was 'just perfect'. That went on until they decided to start a family, and I bowed out.

There's more, like when I would 'tie up' the jewels and cock, and leave the end of a rope 'available' to my lover. She would spot the rope peeking from my beltline, tug on it, knowing what was attached, and say 'ahhhh ... this must be mine' and lead me to an appropriate spot for further play.

So when I discovered such things as male chastity, I was delighted, aroused, curious... and shocked at where some guys went with their version of the chastity fantasy. Way beyond anything I ever imagined, or dream in my worst nightmare. As it went, I found some 'reasonable' and believable blogs (Thanks Tom!) and began to call my fantasy Male Chastity Play to just engage in activity that didn't involve humility, demeaning or outrageous BDSM, etc. Just activity between playful consenting lovers that I thought brought balance and and edge to our bedroom (and beyond) play.

So discovering intelligent women like Sarah that didn't run, and now embrace this play, and hence coin the 'vanilla male chastity' concept is ... thrilling!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sarah's Blog!

Tom has found a new blog with a delightfully refreshing lady that is sharing their journey into male chastity that is well beyond the norm. As I read the latest entry, I couldn't help but read the entire blog, especially how the journey began... A simple 'let's write down our deepest fantasies and then read them together..' Excellent!

What is even more thrilling is John's courage to actually put his chastity fantasy on paper. Follow that with Sarah's willingness to actually explore the idea rather than dismiss it. And, ultimately, her excitement to move ahead and discover all the emotions that his fantasy is providing to her.

Sarah & John... Thank You for sharing!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Balance over submission

After re-reading a few blogs, and some of the reference material listed on the edge of my blog, I see a long list of 'why'... Why would I volunteer to wear a chastity device? Going through the lists, some of those thoughts are of interest, but reflecting on a comment that really hits the mark is 'this brings balance to our relationship that is missing from the typical union'. And of course, just the simple playful aspect is welcome.

I realize day-to-day life is just that, with all the usual bits & pieces, chores & bills, cooking & exercise... but tossing in that bit of spice now and then, with her realization that she has choices that are at a higher level than most women will never have, hopefully will bring a smile and naughty thought a bit more often...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cricket

As much as I want to write, time just has not been on my side; I'm behind even when I climb from bed each morning. But I usually try to sneak a moment and see what is happening out in blog land, and today it is about 'the cricket' (click on the title above). Some very interesting discussions by the author, and Tom has entered into the discussions occasionally too... Their dialogue stirs deeply.

While I only took time to quickly scan through (I'm coming back when I get a moment) I caught a line that parallels thoughts of my own...

"One of the things I love so much about J is how sexually voracious she is. She loves cock. I want her to have as much wild untamed sex as she needs. If the word I looking for is cuckold, then so be it. I love J with all my heart, and will gladly be her cuckold. I want her to have as many lovers as she’d like, and to be as happy as she can be." I'd like her to be as happy as she can be...

Where was I going in the picture with "Hubby will be so pleased..."? Perhaps the pillow talk may have played with the concept over and over and never realized. But she knows she has the freedom to take that moment of lust and finally, and fully enjoy it, with all my support. She also knows, that once she does, my only wish is that she later share that joyful moment with me, so that we have re-live that pleasure again...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Queen of ... My Heart

I'm walking through the grocery store last night, and as I head for the check stand, my eyes are drawn to a display of playing cards. No big deal, right...? But my mind instantly goes to Lady Julia's Silken Tease blog...

Once you are there read back to the beginning... now it is little wonder that my mind instantly jumped to thoughts of Lady Julia.

No, I was in a rush, and have not bought the cards yet... but obviously those instructions lurk in the back of my mind. Oh, such a dear and true Lady...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh.. THAT day again?

Despite my silence over the past couple months... I'm still alive, and, judging from the thoughts included in the image, still breathing.

If you were reading last year at this time, the concept of Valentines Day is a bit commercial, and many of you agreed this should not be a single day of the year that we celebrate each other. And I hope you are...

Now... catch your breath, smile... and lock him up for another day or two, as you wish. And know, although you both realize few of those jewels are not quite as secure as you might want... know that his 'captivity' is really a delight on his behalf, especially if you are smiling when you snap that lock shut.

You doubt me? Just mention it while he is held in your hand... or otherwise. Ahhhh....