Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sarah's BCWYWF Guide

I'm about half way through Sarah's book, and repeatedly impressed with the accuracy her Guide pinpoints in my own life, emotions, and how the experiences bear out much of what she writes. As someone who also encouraged her to write the guide, I did not expect the broad insightful and meaningful extent that I'm finding... I do wish I could highlight some passages as I read through it.

And regarding the previous post... The fortune cookie would apply to couples who have been practicing chastity play and not someone who has not brought up the subject yet with his or her partner. Read first Sarah's insights to that area we typically are fearful to approach.

I know Sarah & John only through her blog, but find a connection deeper than I ever imagined. Ok Ok... I hate to really sound like a rubber stamp, but anyone remotely interested in this subject should consider reading this book. I'm going to keep reading, and see a 5 star endorsement coming...

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