Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No, I am still alive and breathing...

and just have to stop and check in with Tom now and then make sure. For whatever reason, mostly since things are looking up on the home front a bit... I've been having vivid dreams lately, and though I'm not as eloquent as Tom, I've been meaning to post some of those here lately. Like the other night, and a most real intimate conversation that I wanted to post before too much of it drifted away.

Somehow we were discussing an article I had found on the net that mentions a couple discovering a CB-6000 and how it became a favorite play item for them. I could feel the blood rush to my head, and palms begin to get moist. I also realize that the part of my body where I expect the blood to rush... does not. "You know what a CB-6000 is?" She explains that when she found the article on my laptop that she read it and curiosity takes over. "Oh... I , uh... well..." She smiles and shares that she also found another site with a mild approach to the subject that intrigues her, and reading further there leads to more dialog that interests her.

I'm about ready to faint, when she takes my clammy hand and asks 'Your thoughts?' Before I can answer, she responds that she has also found my links to Tom's experiences, loveplay, and decides there is too much here to just 'close the door'. I'm thinking it is a good thing I'm not naked, as my body is probably surging from one extreme to the other... Or was I?? Oh there are so many times I wish I could turn on the 'dream recorder'. (And probably so many times I'm thankful I can't.)

The next thing I know, she is talking about when it should arrive at the PO Box... My eyes bolt to hers and my astute response is only "Hun?? IT? when??..."

Stay tuned... I'll try to get back to this soon.