Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Nails It AGAIN!

I don't know what I was reading lately, or if something in her new Guide triggered something, but as I commented in her blog, the thoughts of why male chastity play appeals to me was, again, rumbling through me head. Then she writes on the very subject today in her blog. Incredible...

Just wander over and read today's blog and you'll know what I think is missed by too many women. It is so obvious men and women are just plain wired differently, and as she has mentioned repeatedly, we males do WANT our orgasm, but do crave the denial. It is paradox to be sure, and just too few people know this even exists. I WANT my orgasm, but more than that, LOVE the experience to see her heaven sent in pure unbridled pleasure.

Thanks Sarah for your insights here... I clearly don't have the time to devote as you have taken in the last six months to pour your energy to trying to share this loving concept with us. And John, without your openness to communicate these deep rooted desires and thoughts, Sarah may not appreciate the door you opened.

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