Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos Say So Much!

I love photos that express those 'thousand words', like this one, with of course his obvious chastity, and her loving message with one hand, and the grip she has with the other. Then of course, the anklet with the key dangling from her ankle. How can we not just smile? Lucky couple...!

When will the players in the chastity world share more photos like this one?

Or is everyone just having too much fun in 'the game'? 'Love on' everyone, and grab that camera once in a while and share.

Imagine the next photo with him caged and a caption such as 'Shhhh... I'm thinking of another dozen orgasms before bringing him to one... or maybe next week?'

Your caption?

1 comment:

Caroline and Michael said...

Love the cuckold photo. The hand sign, the chastity device and the anklet. Perfect!