Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos Say So Much!

I love photos that express those 'thousand words', like this one, with of course his obvious chastity, and her loving message with one hand, and the grip she has with the other. Then of course, the anklet with the key dangling from her ankle. How can we not just smile? Lucky couple...!

When will the players in the chastity world share more photos like this one?

Or is everyone just having too much fun in 'the game'? 'Love on' everyone, and grab that camera once in a while and share.

Imagine the next photo with him caged and a caption such as 'Shhhh... I'm thinking of another dozen orgasms before bringing him to one... or maybe next week?'

Your caption?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rule of Three

When she asks for the ‘Rule of Three’, I can of course agree, or not. But, of course, curiousity usually always leads to a concensual ‘Yes’… So, will it be three minutes, hours, days… or months? Trying to outguess her always gets me in trouble.

And, depending upon my mood at the moment, may illicit entirely different reponses from me… from really wanting three minutes, to hoping for three months. As I continue to learn about myself, the short term desire for the ‘3 minutes’ lockup is just that. Three minutes, and a typical lovemaking moment of heaven with her. And maybe a week before life and busy schedules allow another break and time for love.

But, on the other hand… three months of spending time in her tease & denial lockup somehow always ends up in much more frequent lovemaking, although my chance of reaching the big ‘O’ is totally up to her whim under the ‘Rule of Three’. To make it even more interesting, since it is her decision, what I may think is 3 hours might end up being a week.

And I don’t care… and I do care. As Sarah Jameson has pointed out, we males do want our orgasm, but crave the denial. Yes, well, everything in our world just isn’t black and white is it. So the denial and frustration, being what it is, is truly what we want, especially with a heavy dose of teasing… Don’t try to figure us out, just go with it. What does make it all worth while is the pleasure she derives from both the orgasms that I drive her to, and the pleasure she enjoys having me caged. I’m getting an erection just thinking about it… If you want a better understanding of male chastity, please read Sarah’s ‘Guide to Male Chastity’. You won’t be sorry; it will be in your mind until you experience it yourself.

And how the ‘Rule of Three’ is communicated is not important… email, text, or just a whisper in my ear as we pass.

And today, nearly 1pm, it is a simple text message. From my home office, I wander up to the bedroom, and there on my pillow is the velvet bag. Quickly, trying not to think too much of the consequences yet, I drop my shorts and prepare to lock myself up. As I finish, I thread the lock through the hole, and text back ‘Do you want to hear the click?’. Minutes seem to pass, when today, instead of the usual ‘Absolutely’, her response is ‘Click it NOW’. With a deep breath, I push the lock together with the usual positive sound that it is now secure. I text back ‘Let the Fun begin..’ and receive a quick return text ‘Love You!’.

Ahhh… here we go. Surrender… not submission.

And another text... 'Guess what I have done with the key?'