Friday, April 29, 2011

Fantasy or Real Experience...

  The comments in this photo say it all.  As if he had shared his fantasy with her for years, perhaps adding to their bedroom passion, until an opportunity arose that she had to have.  Why this emotion simmers for years within some of the male population is hard to explain.  Why we chose to remain completely monogamous while encouraging her complete freedom is just as mysterious.  I'm sure I've said as much in past posts.  Had this fantasy not come to life for me years ago, I may have never believed it.  Anyone that has read back in my blog knows I was seduced into participating suddenly one night when a friend called asking for a hand with a problem.  My initial thoughts were electrical or household plumbing, or the air conditioner quit. It wasn't my hand they wanted. Anyway, as the years passed and I found this rather common fantasy on the internet and that it existed inside me as well.  I'm sure it has something to do with my enjoying the pleasure she seems to be having.

Looking back, I wish I had kept up with the couple as we didn't keep in touch and lost contact.  Knowing what I know now, I would have asked a few questions of each of them. As my memory strains to know who wanted what, I'm guessing she accepted his fantasy quite easily. Perhaps it was hers all along.

The second couple that invited me into this play was easier to accept. I've never written about it.  It was a bit of a different situation, as the husband was often out town on business.  Kate was another women that knew what she wanted, which made their desire easier.  It began when I was invited to a 'playful' evening, along with a female friend, to play poker one evening. As it turned out, we all 'lost our chips' and the husband and the other guest went upstairs, leaving Kate and I alone naked on the living room floor.  I don't think there was any doubt on the direction this all went, as Kate realized I was a 'normal' penis sized guy, while her husband was actually too large for her comfort. Wow... don't read about that often.

So when hubby was out of town, they would flirt for awhile on the phone, and I would get a rather urgent 'can you come down here now?'.  Not one to turn down opportunities at the time, I would rush down and found that foreplay had already been in high gear.  She didn't want foreplay, she didn't want my tongue, she just wanted my stiff self now, in her, NOW.   And minutes later, she would roll over and with a sweet kiss, whisper 'please lock the door on your way out'.  This went on for a period until his company transferred them to the southwest.  

Not very satisfying for me, but I was just a tool to her pleasure.  Sure she wanted everything I had to offer, and not having an orgasm was not an option.  She wanted to be left fully filled and wet.

Ok, fine... what are friends for?  We still had great barbeques on the patio and plenty of laughs until the transfer.

Still the first couple was more intriguing as I remember towards the end, she enjoyed her orgasm and then asked me not to cum.  My first exposure to serious tease and denial?  Ok, yes as Sarah mentions, the fantasy is great, but the actual reality of a hotwife or cuckold experience is not for everyone.

Years later after these experiences, I had that strange urge to give up control of my orgasms to my then partner.  At that time, my partner didn't realize what she was dealing with or how to handle it.  Nor did I.  I wonder now, years later, if she has figured that out with her husband.

If only I had stumbled on a blog like this one years ago.  A vanilla beginning that just keeps getting better every time this husband and wife post.  If you are new to male chastity play, be sure to read Sue Ellen's account then Bob's.  Wish this was available 20 years ago.

We are such complicated folks aren't we?

 Enjoy friends, never say never, and be open minded.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rule of Three

Our game, our rules, our fun... but it all starts with that element that we all talk about.  Well, two actually... communication and trust. And then find your own limits or boundaries or ... not.  The bottom line is just do it and enjoy your connection. Because after today... is one day less fun you could have been thrilled with.

Does Rule of Three really mean anything? No... She has the key and we mutually agree it is up to her. The Three merely reminds her she controls the bedroom fun. We just don't engage in this full time (well, at least not yet).  Just whenever the whim strikes her... and she has that ornery tease and denial streak that red heads seem to have.