Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diversity & Communication

After skimming through a few blogs this morning, I see a common thread again that I've written about numerous times... and it still appears as a major barrier to many of us. Communication. I probably don't need to reiterate the importance of it again (you will find it many times through the history of my blog), so I'll fore go the subject, other than to say I wish there were as easier way for each of us to stop dancing around the thoughts in our heads and just get it right.

Another theme that peeks from under the sheets... diversity. Thankfully, each of us is a bit different and our response to the variety of stimuli is as varied as the day is long. While I really enjoy reading the blogs, and try not to judge what stirs emotions in one direction or another, I find it incredibly interesting that the general themes surface as they do. I can see as I write this that I could easily spend the rest of the day writing on the subject, but that won't happen with the dead lines I have. Perhaps another time...

I most appreciate when couples share their thoughts on the blogs, and see responses from partners that indicate the emotions or thoughts from their partners seem to flow through where they might not have made it through the verbal exchange, or even the barrage of events that pass through our daily lives. Kudos to those of you that find a way to extend that communication and understanding that we all seek. What I do wonder is if our simply wearing of the steel cage and surrendering the key to our ladies is a special extension of making that higher level of communication possible between us. Intimacy with extra frosting on the cake...

Ok, and yes, then there is all the deep emotions associated with 'OMG - He is giving me the power of control over his orgasms... and allowing me unlimited pleasure to all I can have'.

I'm rambling and must get back to the tasks at hand... (no, not that one, real work). Have a great day in chastity.

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