Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Regarding Intimacy - Which Would He Choose?

If you set your husband/boyfriend down and viewed a long list of exotic photos, which do you think he would select? And why? What is it that drew him to that photo? Lust? Content? Composition? Or just clearly the sex...?

And your views on the same photo? Or some he didn't select? Any fantasies shared with masturbation? Threesomes? Kinks? No... I don't include male chastity play as kink; we are just ahead of the game. Maybe I've been here too long, but male chastity play is just deep intimacy within a couple that love each other. OK, maybe on the edge-of-vanilla (where have I heard that before?) Anyway, here is an interesting spot if case you need a starting place.

Just another avenue to explore the levels of comfort in talking through the intimacy that the two of you share. Does he have a few photos tucked away in a folder somewhere he hasn't shared with you? Just wondering...

WAIT... I forgot to add if you really are curious about his reactions, try it with him naked. A twist on reading his 'body language' and how it corresponds to what he says...

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