Monday, March 14, 2011

For the Mainstream News Stands?

Imagine a soft approach for the newbies, and some of our mainstream experienced women readers...

Perhaps we could entice Sarah Jameson to be editor, and add features such as on this intro cover, and softer themes of 'Should I Allow an Orgasm This Month?'  Or 'Our Intimacy Leap' , 'Your Communication Epiphany',  'Teasing Him with a Cuckold Fantasy', or 'More Security: To Pierce or Not?'

This could be useful for the new interest in chastity play, and allow them to not freak with some of the more colorful paths that some people venture into as you see too often.

Women seeing the cover of Cosmo last year with the 'Own His Orgasm' title may have started thinking by now that there is more to this thought than was introduced in the magazine. And they should...

Your thoughts?