Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tom Allen's Interview

Most everyone that stumbles upon the idea of male chastity eventually runs into Tom Allen's blog; one of the most realistic writers who brought vanilla male chastity into the real world.  When I first found Tom's blog, I thought finally, some realistic thoughts, experiences, and advice that wouldn't scare away the ladies (and some of the men too).  Finally, a researcher is delving into aspects of male chastity and providing a better understanding of this playful opportunity to spring some life back into relationships.  So... pop over to Tom's blog and check it out here.

I see the blogs as a little quiet right now, despite the warmer summer days... but hey, with all the flooding and fires burning, and a myriad of other events around the globe, it is a bit harder to squeeze in a bit of intimacy with your partner.  Don't take her for granted; take her hand instead and steal a few moments for yourselves. And take it up a notch with some chastity play.