Monday, November 30, 2009

Dream Shopper

My wish for the season...

Several of the blogs I have visited have mentioned one theme in opening up a new world with the writer's lover. Sharing an erotic dream seems like such an innocent way to share a deeper desire, then sharing thoughts and reactions to these deeply intimate fantasies.

Revisiting some of those comments in days that follow sometimes plant a seed that can be shared together... even better, if the couple can find a softer side of the internet for beginners, without all the extreme side of some of blogs.

I think that is why I often look for the writings by women, as we know their perspective can be much different than we may have imagined. As I have mentioned numerous times, I seek her pleasure first over my own, and love the tease & denial aspect of chastity play. I'm looking for the day when women share playful ways to tease their lover, and receive a level of pleasure in that foreplay to their own pleasure, and even more when they embrace that control of denied pleasure to him, and the eventual pleasure of granting his orgasm as the mood strikes her.

In my own fantasy world, as I have also mentioned before, I would love her to know that my monogamous devotion to her also allows her to embrace a freedom of pleasure seeking that frees her from the typical cultural boundaries, receiving pleasure as she wishes from other men. My only caveat to this relationship freedom is my desire to know of these moments and share her memories of that pleasure as I pleasure her again... with or without my own orgasm, as she wishes.

In my life, I can imagine her always wanting me lovingly caged before that tryst with a lover occurred, or even just as part of the teasing foreplay to our own lustful coupling. I can also imagine her rarely taking a romp with a lover, but knowing she has that freedom, and knowing her control over my orgasm, and the endless possibilities of teasing foreplay that I know she is capable of will bring a smile to her lips and hopefully will elevate her blissful pleasure to new highs. I think I have mentioned all this in previous fantasies.

So how does she really know of the impact of sharing dreams with me? As most men already know, it is hard to conceal our true feelings when we are naked... what she sees on my face may not always reflect what she sees from the reaction of my cock. Unfortunately, knowing the reaction in her mind is usually much harder to determine... (ok, stop with the laughing already).

I'm rambling again, so will sign off for the moment. Hope everyone is thinking about holiday possibilities...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Anonymous Comment

The revelation at ' Crazy World' was the comment that 'Chastity Devices for men are the 2nd most popular sex toys sold..' Wish we could be a bit more forthright with that kind of information.

I also couldn't ignore this comment at Rachel's page (click on title above):

Anonymous said...

"My wife wasn't sure about the chastity idea till one day she noticed a friend of ours "AT CHURCH OF ALL PLACES" wearing a key on her bracelet that had a little mountain on it. Funny thing is, that key matches the locks sold with the older Miller products (cb2000 and so on) I have never seen another key with that symbol. Long story short, I left one of my keys out on purpose one night when they came over and they noticed it also. within two weeks from that, he and I had pretty much came out to each other.

So, I agree, it is more common than you might think and who knows who might have one on beside you .... at church... lol"

Hope everyone is having a playful day... and share those key stories.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Crazy World

Always nice to hear from new couples on the subject of Chastity Play... especially since the main writer is a woman... whom we don't hear from enough on this subject. I think part is just getting by that 'why would I want to play in this sandbox?' and 'whats in this for me?' ...

It's nice to hear from Rachel at the 'A Crazy World' as she & husband delve into this world. As always, Tom Allen brings a great perspective as mentioned before. I can't help but think the leap in communication and intimacy will help most couples go well beyond the usual typical relationship. I hope we hear more from these people!

As usual, pressed for time... hope everyone is having a lovingly tremendous weekend.