Friday, January 28, 2011

Control & Tease

The thought of control without teasing just turns me numb... I know her having control is just enough to blow my socks off, but adding a bit of daily teasing to orgasm control just doubles the fun with this game.

While browsing during the holidays, I stumbled on a video where the wife had managed to tie up her husband, and of course with his cooperation, edged him over and over with her tongue.  They were so adapt at this game that with his hints of coming too close, she would let go just in time... kissing the head of his penis but not stimulating him to orgasm.  Their ability to do this went on for easy 20 minutes before she decided to not let him orgasm and grabbed a bag of frozen vegies to cool him down and return him to his cage.  She did of course console him while locking him up, saying maybe next time, without saying when that might be.  I was waiting for her to spoil an orgasm, but not this time.  Absolutely mind blowing... and 'click'.  Locked and Loved.

While that sounds absolutely torturous, it was obvious they loved this game, and while he obviously desperately wanted to orgasm, she knew he still craved the denial.  She just passionately kissed the head of his cock and continued.  We are such a mystery to our partners and ourselves even.  In my mind, he would turn around and pleasure her to multiple orgasms to her hearts content.

Ahhh...  hope you can find time in today's schedule for some play of your own.  Practice Practice Practice.

Update: this isn't the one I remember, but close...  enjoy.  Or from the same couple.. whew!