Monday, December 6, 2010

Believe It ... He DOES really mean it.

While getting a few rare moments again, I wandered over to MikeCB's Chastity Journey and read a recent post that I would agree with regarding whether women really believe we mean it. Tease me and deny me. The truth is, years ago in my youth, I would have probably not believed it either... WHY would a man rather be repeatedly on the edge and not be allowed to orgasm, and love to see his partner pleasured to the hilt? As ofter as she desires?

While we are all wired a bit differently, and each of us will vary slightly in those desires and perhaps the degree of being teased & denied, unmistakeably there are many men out here that want exactly that. And as many of the 'real' life blogs are finally saying... the benefits for her typically exceed anything he is experiencing.

Wander over and check the full text... and ladies, if you don't trust the concept, just feel free to try it. Once you start the journey, I doubt you will want to go back...



Another One said...

No kidding! And so far, I haven't been able to completely convince her!

Anonymous said...

I've come to prefer my wife's orgasms to my own. She has a hard time reconciling it, but it's true. As I've heard said..."her pleasure is my pleasure".