Monday, August 23, 2010

Appreciating Her Comments

I always appreciate and value the comments of wives & girlfriends as they are confronted with the very foreign concept of a male chastity device. This one rang a few bells over at Cricketed's blog.

"... It follows that a few months later when he happened upon the concept of male chastity, he was ready to make the decision. My husband chose to wear the cricket. He did it for us and for me—and, certainly, himself. He wanted us to be more intimate and honest and unafraid. He actually wanted to ache for me. He wanted us to be continually excited by each other. He didn’t know if he knew at the time that it would make us share a more equitable exchange. But, that any man should want to put his cock into a locked device and trust me with its key in order to make our relationship more meaningful and sexually exuberant astonished me. It also made me laugh. There is something very sexy and very funny about the cricket."

"The question of artificiality barely brushed my brain. This man was offering himself to me in a way I had never expected and his vision of what it could be was extraordinary. It was expansive. He saw ahead but let us explore it slowly. From this vantage, the question about whether it was a crutch seemed small and did not compare to the generosity of the gift"

Wow, ok, if you get a moment, hop on over and check out the rest of J's comments.

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