Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wait... We're Missing the Point

Those of us reading Tom and Sarah's blogs are getting quite a lesson in logic and debate... but I would like everyone to revisit the question. Oh, what was that? That might be in who you ask; personally, I would like to go back to something on track with 'vanilla male chastity', or how to provide resources for wives and girlfriends to explore a journey into male chastity without being frightened away screaming....

Granted, my blog isn't exactly vanilla territory, but much of my previous experiences actually contributed to my blog, before I realized such activities and fantasies even existed. And I haven't had time to write more of what I haven't touched on yet. No, nothing drastic... just things like my old neighbors that invited me to her bed while hubby was out on business. As it turned out, hubby was 'too big' and I, being more 'average' was 'just perfect'. That went on until they decided to start a family, and I bowed out.

There's more, like when I would 'tie up' the jewels and cock, and leave the end of a rope 'available' to my lover. She would spot the rope peeking from my beltline, tug on it, knowing what was attached, and say 'ahhhh ... this must be mine' and lead me to an appropriate spot for further play.

So when I discovered such things as male chastity, I was delighted, aroused, curious... and shocked at where some guys went with their version of the chastity fantasy. Way beyond anything I ever imagined, or dream in my worst nightmare. As it went, I found some 'reasonable' and believable blogs (Thanks Tom!) and began to call my fantasy Male Chastity Play to just engage in activity that didn't involve humility, demeaning or outrageous BDSM, etc. Just activity between playful consenting lovers that I thought brought balance and and edge to our bedroom (and beyond) play.

So discovering intelligent women like Sarah that didn't run, and now embrace this play, and hence coin the 'vanilla male chastity' concept is ... thrilling!

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