Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarah Really Hits It Again!

Sarah's recent posting on the benefits of male chastity from the womans viewpoint is right on the mark again... So many excellent points that you just have to read the post. Getting these across to both partners in the relationship really head for the win-win (although I wonder about the 'win' for me).

As I've mentioned in previous posts of my own, I wondered how or if the concept of 'sharing' or a modern version of cuckolding, would ever play in my own head, along with chastity play. Obviously I'm not the first to consider it, and being of mind that any jealousy that spiked in my mind would be secondary to her pleasure, and her feeling of freedom to make that choice to play and experience others. Sarah and John have shared that same discussion (and on passionate levels too according to Sarah), and even though she keeps that choice as part of the power she emboldens within chastity play, it is there to spice the play to a higher level.

So her excellent writing continues...

" ... the thought of being able to have no-strings sex with someone new and scratch that itch, yet still have the secur­ity, intim­acy and warmth of a strong rela­tion­ship behind you. For me one of the major male chastity bene­fits I can have that cake and eat it, too."

I wonder if this isn't the thinking of more women, and perhaps why they don't broach the thought with their husband. If he has his head on straight and realizes he is her partner, and not her owner, and knows she is coming back with pleasures to share... then it can be another step higher in their combined passion & play.

"Know­ing a man as desir­able, mas­cu­line and power­ful as John wants me so much boosts my ego no-end. Know­ing he loves the thought of see­ing me fuck another man catches my breath in my throat, even though it’ll never hap­pen. Yes, he looks at other women and porn, but that’s all to my bene­fit in the long run: male chastity bene­fits us by keep­ing that desire for me hot and bub­bling all the time."

She and John have struck the balance that seems to keep them at the level that most of us only experienced early in a hot relationship. For that, I am jealous... (Ok, I'm working on it...)

You just have to read the entire post... and blog, for that matter. As she mentions... it is all consensual... even as it drives us guys crazy with desire & frustration... 'we're both loving it!'

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