Monday, August 9, 2010

Stumbled onto Good Advice

Anyone reading my blog for any time knows how I feel about communication... and I just read about a few women that couldn't agree more. As in What Other Hotwives Should Know, she has a set of rules that we should all agree with...

Another writer wishes she had followed that set of rules... while keeping her hubby locked and at home.

So much to learn about ourselves... and so little time. I know in more relationships than I imagined, even Sarah's Blog, people keep the fantasy of cuckold play as just that... fantasy, and with enormous results. But still, the thought of her first time is extremely titillating.

Enjoy... and be safe. Ahhh.... the pleasures of a woman.

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MD said...

I'm flattered that you would reference my blog post! Needless to say, open, honest communication in a marrige is very important. In the situation I experienced recently, rather than sneak around, I should have just come right out and told my husband "James wants to fuck me", and avoided all the problems. Lesson learned!