Thursday, August 25, 2011

Talk Talk Talk.?

Funny reading through the blogs and knowing for two people in an intimate relationship, we still fear opening up and trusting our partner won't go ballistic when we share a fantasy. 

I was reminded today that everyday that we let pass without sharing our deepest intimate thoughts is another day of regret later in life.

How many times have we read or heard from someone that 'I wish I had the courage years ago to tell her (or him) what burns in my mind...'

So when is a good time...?


Anonymous said...

So true! Nice post... And still, having had some mis-communications w/wife has held me back, after making some progress. Sigh. Thanks!

lovetosubmit said...

I can relate. I think I've wanted to "submit" to a woman for a long long time. I was just too naive to "get" it when I was younger. I always felt "funny" when some sort of dominate female character was around. I wonder how many submen were created with Catwoman on the old Batman series.

With the magic of the internet, I stumbled across some femdom discussion boards and was excited by them. I finally got the guts to discuss with my wife. I don't think she knew what to think at first, but she seems to be settling into the idea that she enjoys the FLR. Kinkwise, there are some things she actively enjoys doing and some things that we can discuss openly but probably will never do (cuckolding) in practice. But it is very freeing to be able to tell her my deepest desires. I still remember how nervous I was when I confessed my desire to submit to her. It is very freeing to share this with her. thanks for your post!