Monday, August 29, 2011

What IF Women Really Knew

I write here in my blog quite often of just ‘stuff’ that creeps into my head, and finally take a few minutes to actually share them here.  Well… this morning is no different.  I know I go weeks and months without posting, and for that I do apologize because as much as anything, this is nearly just a journal then really reaching out to the world.  Another thought occurred to me today, not much different then my usual, inspired by this image I had saved some time ago.

What if, and maybe I’ve said this in several different ways already, women had the opportunity to learn about chastity play much more readily than they do now, or at the least, an awareness of the subject.  If they understood that an amorous seduction was only for their pleasure, with the possible addition of his orgasm only on their whim, how would that change the whole bedroom scenario?  I'm a believer that she should never promise a particular date when she might let me orgasm.  It should always be when she wishes or plans, without my knowledge, just keep up the teasing as if it could happen today. Or not.

Would she be much more willing to ‘let me seduce her’, or actually initiate a loving session on her own?  I often think that as much as we pretend to know or understand our sexual selves, we just really don’t.  And the subject is still avoided from generation to generation.  If women knew to probe into the minds of their boyfriends before marriage regarding sexual ‘turn-ons’, would they dump him or at least educate him? 
I hate to admit this, but I knew nothing about truly pleasuring my women until middle age, and even then was a bit clumsy.  If Only… If only we could communicate more readily on the subject, our whole world would take on a new perspective.

To all those ladies that had a sexual experience with me in my youth, my sincere apologies.  If only I knew from the beginning that while learning my manners, the ‘Ladies First’ rule really meant they come first (or at least learn of their particular turn-on that pleasures them most).

If they only knew that teasing and denying me while pleasuring them often was at their fingertips (no pun intended) it would have left much more indelible memories embedded in our past.  If only they knew that their pleasure was really more important then mine… And if they only knew that allowing me to orgasm just pushes my mind to quickly begin thinking of other subjects, they would make that occasion much more rare and meaningful.  As Sarah mentions often, ‘men want release, but really crave denial’.  That’s so true.

If only my lady knew that the insecure jealousy factor of typical male possessiveness could be replaced with a much more expression of freedom for her, would she take that occasional freedom and exercise it with a lover, as long as she understood she must share her (hopefully) delightful experience with me? 

If only she knew that her pleasure, even at the hand (or cock) of a lover was more important than mine, would she embrace that gift?  If she knew that she had the freedom to experience an occasional lover’s sexual pleasure, would she at least take that gift and tease me with it, even if she didn’t use it?  Yes Please!!

That would definitely excite me.  She could be moaning Keanu Reeves’ name as long as she was in the height of pleasure; I would be happy even while locked in my cage, whether I was pleasuring her or she was sliding down upon his cock for the third time tonight.  Can I learn to pleasure her with my cock without orgasm, and be returned to the cage, staying on edge until your desire returns?  It is possible. Would I have the strength or discipline to do that?  Yes, with her insistence, realizing what it will mean to us.

I do love happy women. She may never really ‘get this’ nor may I ever really articulate my quirks to her fully… just so she uses this knowledge to her benefit … and ours.


Ayesha said...

If only u, and men like u, knew that there r women who don't give a rat's ass about that knowledge, would that make u, and ur brethren, stop whining and treating all women alike?

If only u, and men like u, knew that there r women who laugh at ur "gift", and would return it to sender even b4 it was delivered, would that, for instance, stop u, and ur brethren, from wrapping it up in devices only u, and ur brethren, believe could be of interest to me, and women like me?

Grey Owl said...

Ayesha, I'm surprised you even stop to read blogs like mine since it really doesn't interest you. And then take the time to actually comment? Strange.

I am quite aware the world is as diverse with kinks and nuisances that makes life interesting, and since none of mine interest you, I'm sure you won't be back. But have a nice day anyway...

Ayesha said...

".....since it really doesn't interest you"? I'm sure u know what it means when u r assuming too much. a way u may be right, and i'm only cruising the areas u mentioned, due to my addiction to wander where i shouldn't wander at all.

"I'm sure you won't be back."? U sure? Then why bother to compile a comment?

If only u would have bothered to answer my questions instead (sigh).

Cuckolding Princess said...

What if men knew as well? I know that many men will jump into bed I snapped my fingers, but why? Too many women are so eager and willing to let them play so quickly. Where is the angst? The need? Women need to find themselves again and start making it unavailable.

I think the sexual revolution destroyed women in a way. Many overuse sex as a power and don't withhold it often enough. If more did there would be frustrated men in the world and women would take control :)

Anonymous said...

I just can't seem to last long enough. My Wife usually keeeps me locked for 2-4 weeks. The lst long one was a new record for me, it was 41 days.
I feel guilty that I can't last long enough for her and I always take care of her orally first, but sometimes she allows me to enter her first and then I have to take care of her afterwards. I love being allowed to entr her first, but I know there will be a penalty.