Sunday, August 28, 2011

She May Not Be Happy You Waited...

If you've gone through the process, time has passed, and suddenly she wakes one night and turns to you and says... "YOU OWE ME!"

"What?" you groggily respond.

It occurs to her, that if you had the courage to mention your dreams, fantasies, and thoughts that you would have been teased and denied for a decade earlier, and she would have been enjoying a delicious decade of abundant loving and pleasure.

Maybe you should think about this now, instead of waiting 'till the time is right'.  Wouldn't you much rather come clean and be able to discuss anything and everything with your partner?

Remember, this is for her pleasure too; this is not all about you.  And the benefits go well beyond your occasional fantasy..  As I saw this image today, it occurred to me that it applies to chastity play as well.  By entering the world of chastity play with her, you lose that precious access to your ability to pleasure yourself whenever you wish.  But in the long run, you gain much much more by surrendering that key to her. If you read the post last week about the BIG question Why, you should have some insight why the denial is important to you.  And as she realizes all the benefits to her, and why the teasing that she does each day comes back to her as priceless gifts of time and pleasure from you, well...

Now follow this up with the other saying that also struck me today...

And add to the end of this one 'For You and Especially for Her'. Game On... now, go play.

Have a great week.  Caged.

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