Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You for the Click

Seems all of the people that find these chastity play pages have a common item that we all love.  The sound of that 'click' as the lock closes, and we males have granted our lover the power of surrender over us.

After the click, we all have a variety of paths that make our day.  Different is fine, as long as our lover is on the same path, which is where some of us need a 'course correction'.  Probably the hardest part of that 'taking the same path' is just simply the communication as the journey begins.  Part of it is simply the realization for her that it is okay to lock him up, to tease him, to deny him, to take the play, the teasing from him, the orgasm he wants her to totally enjoy with all his blessings, while he does not.  Not this time.  Maybe not next time, or the time after that.  Yes his desire builds, yes he enjoys the tease, even if it drives him up the wall.  Don't feel guilty... just say Thank You lover.  And continue to tease, and when the desire strikes you, take him.

After all... he granted you that freedom, that power, that pleasure in knowing your pleasure is his pleasure. Take it.  Embrace it, and don't look back to the days before the two of you discovered chastity play. And enjoy that moment when you know he has again been brought to the very edge, ... only this time he explodes in a moment you choose to feel his release...

For many that write here, joy comes in locking him right back up again.  For some of us, a break until the mood strikes her again, as I wrote in the 'Rule of Three' is really keeping the fire going.  It seems lately, I find more women want the lockup to continue.  Okay... I can live with that. Enjoy.

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Tallestrina said...

That's one of the disavantages of the PA-5000: the lock is built in, and it doesn't click!