Monday, February 28, 2011

House MD

While watching a little TV the other night, I stumbled onto an episode of House MD where a woman patient is explaining to one of the residents how her open marriage came to be with her husband.  (Somehow in the investigation of her illness the fact of their sexual issues became a subject.)

As one of the interns was curious about this relationship, the woman explained how she enjoyed the extra marital sex and this 10% of her time allowed her to give back to her husband the 90% that he gave her.  Fascinating discussion, and I'm not doing it justice.  Anyway, in another conversation, the interns discover that although the husband had the freedom to roam, he choose not as all he really wanted was his wife, and her happiness mattered more to him then her monogamous devotion. They were both happy with their lives.

Interesting topic for the program, and I guess I don't watch enough TV and shouldn't be surprised for this on House MD.  There was more, but some of the discussion of course centered on the differences in the way men and women are wired.  Having already been involved in this activity years ago as I already posted, it was easy to understand.  Seeing it come to light here did get my attention. Keeping it as a fantasy in the bedroom is still a huge turn on, and as a possibility for reality is hot as well.  Never say Never. As long as the 6 rules are used over there on the right side.

Oh, and the bee sting poisoning was discovered and all ended well.  Except one intern that thought he should try this lifestyle... that was another episode.


JFBreak said...

I didn't see the show but it sounds as though they did not treat it completely with disgust as many shows seem to treat the topic.

Tallestrina said...

Yep, I know what JFBreak means. I believe that the guys who write TV dramas are VERY into retaning the norm of monogomous relationships (even if they are gay monogamous) because otherwise there would be not much drama if someone slept with someone outside the marriage- though as we all know, they often do! Meanwhile, in fora like this, rela people are beginning to understang just how they are wired, and how they can be happy with that.