Friday, September 4, 2009

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While browsing through some old computer files, I stumbled on an old file that I found somewhere, and had added my own thoughts... it rang my bell and I decided to share. Hope it is vanilla enough to open up a hint of future fun for some lucky couple.

After that post, and a bit of more browsing some of your pages, I still have the incredible thoughts of taking it a step further... I am incredibly aroused by her pleasure. And the thought of trusting another man to bring her that pleasure while I watch still intrigues me beyond comprehension.

Perhaps a part of this fantasy is my deep desire for gender equality; I see women as generally repressed for the past few hundred centuries and still today.

My trusting her to enjoy that pleasure with another man and then share her experience in depth with me may still be somewhat repressive..? I have given her permission to enjoy fucking another man, and come home with his semen dripping down her legs to show me.

But in the end, my 'permission' lends her all the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasure she can enjoy, and know I am waiting impatiently for her return... and know the security of what our relationship holds is as strong as ever.

Adding the chastity play on top of that permission adds another level of security (no pun intended) to her ability to fully enjoy that pleasure, and know my desire is also there (and then some...?) Oh... the complexity of the human mind.

Hope it is a great weekend...

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