Monday, September 28, 2009

Main Stream Chastity?

I've stumbled on a few posts and blogs that seem to be making concept a bit more well known... This first one, originally from a woman that was asking about a boyfriend's fantasy is interesting. She of course had no idea what 'male chastity' was, or even why she would indulge this fantasy with her boyfriend. It appears, six weeks later, that she is having the time of her life, and can't imagine going back.

I am particularly interested in Tom Allen's discovery of the thread and his post comments... "A few years ago I started writing a blog, where I write a little about our twist on this kink. We don't have a D/s relationship, and we try to use this simply to add some spice to our sexual relationship. We often, however, play for long periods of time, which keeps things interesting for us.

I agree that many of the forums and blogs which center on male chastity tend to take a more extreme perspective; I think that this tends to scare some people off, especially women who are just trying to get a handle on this -- after all, it's generally an idea that is brought up by the husband or BF"

and also:

First of all, I want to make it clear that neither Mrs. Edge nor I engage in this as a way to get more household chores done. I did not approach her and request denial so that I might be more attentive, and she did not agree because she thought she would have free maid service. While I understand that some people engage in those dynamics, I want to make it clear that hanging $200 worth of plastic from your tonker will not make you a better husband, nor will it change your relationship.

Mrs. Edge will be the first one (well, the second one, really) to say that I already do chores, cook meals, go shopping, etc. My denial is not a form of punishment, nor is my release a reward for good behavior. We engage in this simply because we enjoy the dynamics. Mrs. Edge enjoys having the control over me, all the more because she sees how excited it makes me. Seeing her excitement makes me more motivated to remain chaste. The double feedback has worked well for us, and each time we try it, we find new things about this.

Recently, she has become more adamant about being completely in charge of the entire situation, so we're discussing how to make that work for us. I'm hoping to write a bit about that at my blog, but I'm a little bit behind on my writing time lately. "

"Now, I will say that when two or more people get into an arrangement that challenges their ideas of emotional intimacy, then this could be a vary good thing, indeed. I still maintain that it's not the plastic (or steel) that does the actual changing; it's their willingness to give over to the new dynamic. But it entirely depends upon the people involved, and on what they bring to -- and hope to get out of -- the change in the dynamic.

And personally, I find it a little arousing when Mrs. Edge exerts a little bit of that control outside the bedroom. I mean, I'm already an attentive husband, but sometimes it's nice when she grabs me for a pash and asks me to go make her some coffee. It's not the promise of a release that does it for me, but the acknowledgment that she finds our situation -- and by extension, me -- exciting.

Tom Allen
The Edge of Vanilla

Thanks Tom... still on the same wavelength of chastity as play... exactly where I wish I were today.

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A_Captivated_Man said...

Tom does seem to have a way of putting things that makes me think "Yeah, me too".

Male chastity just seems to be fantastic fun although I'm not sure I would have seen the appeal as a young buck. These days the wait is definitly worth it. Back then... why wait?

I've enjoyed reading your thoughts. I'll be back.