Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time... to get a life

Fantasy time is going away... this blog may just become a normal journal, just blow steam, and not worth anyone's time. So delete any references to this old blog. This isn't to say I won't stop by and read yours ...

I just need to focus on life.


Lady Julia said...

Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

Soft, gentle hugs.

Lady Julia

Arafinte said...

In Lady Julia’s blog, (, she has tasked me with behaving quite selfishly with a genie who has just granted me three wishes. I am not only to describe my wishes but pass this on to three to five other people, who are supposed to pass it one to three to five others, and so on.

Here is the situation as laid out by Lady Julia:

“A magic genie appears before you (feel free to describe him/her if you wish ;) and offers you three wishes.  There are two stipulations - you may not wish for more wishes and the wishes may not be used for altruistic purposes.  What would you wish for?”

My answer can be found on Lady Julia’s blog as well as on my own. (How’s that for non-altruistic self promotion?)