Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Most Important

After reading an insightful post over at Watching Your Wife, I'm reminded that very high of the list of important things is the love you share with your wife or significant other. Although this is not always mentioned in some of my posts, none of this blog is relevant without it.

Love her... and communicate with her, and love her even more. Yes, I know people write volumes on the subject, as I probably could too. Understanding where each of us sits on the spectrum of life, relationships, kink and pleasure is all so much an individual book in itself. Share it with your spouse first... and then of course with the rest of us so that we may learn.

Hope it is a great week... snowing of course here in the Rockies, but beautiful. I can't believe we are already into December.


Black Chicks Rule said...

So true,So true. I completely aggree!

Best, BCR from

Fantasia Lillith said...

As much as I nod my head - something helpful for your readers may be HOW to communicate. The fact is about ...oh everyone thinks that communication means words. How easy we forget that 70% of communication is body. That can translate into action, actual body language etc. So when we say communication is key - it also means learning the silent language of our partner. Anticipate desires, needs and bad moments. Show affection. A hug, a kiss, a love note left in a lunch bag hold more weight then words easily said.