Monday, November 16, 2009

Anonymous Comment

The revelation at ' Crazy World' was the comment that 'Chastity Devices for men are the 2nd most popular sex toys sold..' Wish we could be a bit more forthright with that kind of information.

I also couldn't ignore this comment at Rachel's page (click on title above):

Anonymous said...

"My wife wasn't sure about the chastity idea till one day she noticed a friend of ours "AT CHURCH OF ALL PLACES" wearing a key on her bracelet that had a little mountain on it. Funny thing is, that key matches the locks sold with the older Miller products (cb2000 and so on) I have never seen another key with that symbol. Long story short, I left one of my keys out on purpose one night when they came over and they noticed it also. within two weeks from that, he and I had pretty much came out to each other.

So, I agree, it is more common than you might think and who knows who might have one on beside you .... at church... lol"

Hope everyone is having a playful day... and share those key stories.

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