Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time gets in the way

Like just about every blog I read mentions the time issue... it just fleets by so quickly I hardly get a moment to fantasize anymore. After telling myself 'I just slip over for a moment and check in at Lady Julia's blog, and Tom's, and then Denying Thumper... I just can't let it go. There have few a few moments during the week that I've thought about just blowing away this entire blog... and after reading their latest thoughts & adventures, I find myself spending more than a few minutes lost in my own fantasy. Unfortunately, life being what it is at the moment, extremely unlikely I'll live anything like my dreams. So this becomes more of a personal journal than anything else.

I would love to spend a few hours and a few thousand thoughtful words responding to the questions of Lady Julia, and to 'Denying Thumper', especially as I see a number of parallels in where he is and what he is experiencing. Hmmm... getting hot in here, time to peel the shirt. Oh yeah... completely naked now. Anyway, between the Tease & Denial, the Chastity Play, and oddly, the hotwife flashes... it is apparent (at least if one were to observe my current state) that a number of cords have been struck.

Thumper, if I read enough of his blog, initially dismisses the thought of ever considering the possibility of sharing his wife with another man. Until recently, when he seems to venture into some of the other blogs (like My Sexy Hotwife, or Hotwifing Exposed) and somehow a spark invades him, like it apparently has me. As I mentioned a few posts back, years ago, I was invited into a hotwife (or cuckold relationship, but I've never know for sure..) where I was seduced in an interesting setting, only to find out that the husband has been watching the entire time through the patio door glass. Unfortunately, I lost track of the couple through moves & transfers and truly didn't understand the dynamics of these episodes until just the last couple years, thanks to the internet and the brave sharing of couples.

And as I read through some of these blogs, I realize the labels blur considerably (and do we really care what label is attached?) but somehow, the thoughts of tease & denial, the chastity play (on occasion, not full time), and the occasional hotwife episode... just really rocks my brain (isn't that where it all happens anyway?). I wonder if the hotwife fantasy in itself, shared with my wife, wouldn't be enough to keep the emotional engines fired, without actually going the distance.

Yet... I can imagine a scene such as this: I'm home working hard in the office, and getting a text from her, asking what I'm up to (which of course, she knows full well what I'm 'up to'). When I respond with a simple 'working the XYZ contract', she responds with 'Honey, under your pillow is our special bag... please put it one and call me so I can hear the 'click' (she always likes that part, of closing the lock and all the intensity of what happens with 'the click', except she does it personally). Ok, I realize... she had something in mind when she left the house this morning. Being the inquisitive hubby that I am, I gratefully accept this challenge and follow that wish.

Once I call and she hears the lock 'click' closed on the CB-6000 (and she knows she can trust me to not try to sidestep that part), she asks if I'm in for a bit of chastity play, and heavy T&D? Since it has a few weeks of vanilla bedroom play, I of course answer with a resounding 'Absolutely'. It is then she tells me our old friend is in town for a night or two, and coming for dinner tomorrow night. And, as she always likes to be 'reserved' for a day or two before a coupling, and as she knows my 'rising reaction' to that news, she loves to build the intrigue (and our own special foreplay) far in advance. This is not a topic we take lightly... or stepped into quickly... and fantisized in our bedroom play for a couple years before the opportunity arose to make it a reality that she ... and I... would seize. This is where the deep communication, soul searching expression, committment, and trust really is embraced. This is where, beyond fantasy, that she knows I am giving a very special gift to her; that freedom to fully take a lover for the night, for her deepest pleasure, with my full encouragement and support. And likewise, in a special way, her gift to me, knowing full well that watching her total abandoned and heavenly pleasure excites me like nothing else in this world.

The first time, she wanted me in the bedroom as this journey began. As I kissed her deeply, he began to part her lips with his cock, and ever so slowly began to claim her quivering and deliciously wet cunt, and as much as I wanted to see his cock disappear within her, I more than anything wanted to look into her eyes with all the love and support possible, to remove any doubt that it was her pleasure, then, at that moment that I wanted her to have. With that assurance, she lapsed into her path to earth shattering orgasm, without any other care in the moment. I have sometimes watched from the doorway, or from the patio, so as not to detract from her assending climb to heavenly bliss.

As many of the participants of wife sharing have said, there is no man that can entirely provide all the pleasure that his wife is capable of feeling. Her trust that I am devoted only to her, and her pleasure, as unfair as it might seem, is apparently how we are wired, man and woman. I have found this in so many studies and references that I would expect this lifestyle to be mainstream by now, yet... our cultural makeup is slow to change. So why is this fantasy so common in men, and so slow to be accepted by women? I digress...

Then... there is the moment she leaves the guest bed, and comes to me, to be reclaimed and loved like no one couple can possibly love at this point. With the key around her neck, she frees me from my cage, and with what energy she has left in her body, guides me to climax, hopefully mutaully shared, and collapsing upon me, spilling her treasures upon me all the night as she sleeps.

Then of course... since the first time, she may sleepily crawl in next to me, sharing a few highlights, such as 'three earth shattering orgasms' and on occasion... ' no, I'm not unlocking you tonight love; he is staying tomorrow night too...' and spoon up against me, dropping into dreamland. Yes... she loves the play and loves the tease... and loves the occasional frustration and extreme desire she knows I have for her.

Oh... to be so lucky as some of you guys out there... I hope you never take that for granted.


Lady Julia said...

I know you're so busy and that often you are feeling discouraged, but I do so love to read what you write. You are interesting, thoughtful, and creative.

Thanks for taking the time to write when you can.

Lady Julia

Dante d'Amore said...

I enjoyed following you over the past several weeks.

Best of luck,