Saturday, June 14, 2008

More on that topic...

I just read through my last post... and shake my head. I wish I had a clue then what was going on, and had I not experienced this firsthand, I still might wonder if all this is just someone's fantasy. No...

It was all very true. Sorry it is the 'quick version', and not as well written as Andrew & Rach. Time is not something that comes easily at the moment...

I have to wonder if this wasn't the kickoff for a number of my other escapades in those years. Strip poker with the neighbors, sex regularly in places that would send a jolt through most people, and other fun things. I have never mentioned the Mel & Lynn adventures with ANYONE since it happened... Now I'm writing it in a blog that the entire world can read.

I was just checking out another link attempting to give insight to the "Cuckold Husband/Hotwife Phenomena" by a researcher that provides a number of items that may drive this activity. Some seem to 'ring a bell', while others just don't remotely do it for me. It may be worth a read if you are on that path also... (or think you want to).

I mentioned labels in my previous post, and want to debunk them.. Yuck! Some of the guys and even some of the women use the 'slut' term. I hate it... does that age me? I don't use the 'c' word much either... Anyway, I do admit, we DO use the slut term in the house every week, but usually in regards to a light hearted issue, like... I am such a chocolate slut. She is such a champagne slut. Don't ask me why... we just never use it in regards to sex.

The 'cuckold' label still bothers me, but I think I just can't get past the humility aspect that is usually laid with it. I just see it differently. I'm not in the mood to have her degrade me over my less than good attributes, especially in 'public'. In a fantasy, I could see myself in a situation like...

She and I are together in a large room, with a trusted friend, and about to enter into this HotWife world. We've talked, fantasized, enjoyed multitudes of great sex and lovemaking while considering this journey. We've enjoyed a few fine intoxicating beverages, we're casually naked, and comfortable as can be under the circumstances. Actually, I imagine myself, and her, just a wee bit tense... . I am shaven, and caged in a CB-6000, and she is wearing the key on her ankle bracelet. I've been caged for a couple days, in anticipation of this possible evening, and as per her wishes, my sexual energy is 'hers' until she wishes... which I anticipate, and hope, will be soon.

For as we delve into this path, I've tried to keep her as satiated as possible, without my penetration. She does indeed love the power exchange that I've consented to providing her. And she has taken advantage of the situation as usual, by teasing me every moment she can. Teasing unmercifully, but not humiliating, knowing I am still the strong confident man that drew her to me from the start.

As we've attempted to understand, debate, and fantasize this HotWife 'thing', we've still enjoyed the chastity play along the way, as we've identified a few similar emotions along both paths. Like the enormous love, trust & honesty that we've found as we first ventured into the slightly non-vanilla lifestyle. Like my desire to see her as partner, equal, and entrusting the power exchange that 'liberates her' and excites me as well as her. When, as usual, I first came onto the HotWife phenomena, and shared my ever curious intrigue with it, she thought it very strange, but allowed herself to peruse some of the blogs, and discuss in detail how it might ever happen.

As she explores her own feelings and emotions, and understands the boundaries that we both desire, it becomes more exciting. Since we're both blood donors, we know that if the fantasy ever takes place, we need a safe ... very safe 'third'. He must be safe, trusted, and clean... and realize that he is merely a 'tool' of our fantasy, and although sharing an occasional brew on the pub patio, knows there are limits to this special friendship. And must be comfortable knowing I am present and sharing in the excitement that is hers, and all hers... whether he is satisfied or not is truly not a concern, unless she wants it.

I know I'm rambling... but somehow knowing this pleasure is hers, with a devoted loving husband sharing this experience, with my energy caged and kept until she wishes, and a freedom granted to her that she now controls, is as exasperating and exciting as one can possibly express in words.

Anyway... the thought of when his cock finally meets her precious lips, and gently fills her, drives her ... and her flight to a heavenly orgasm is reached, his energy spent after delivering all the pleasure she desires... and with me constrained and reserved for her later enjoyment, and our moments later, joyfully shared in our lovemaking... I'm lost for words.

If this makes me a cuckold... lay it on me. I would wear it proudly.

Ok, I'm sure this needs some time and refinement, but ... I hope this provides a hint of the intimacy I seek. Now... my dear lady, do you have your ankle bracelet on tonight? I'll go for the drink, you delicious champagne slut.

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