Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Digging Deeper into ... Myself?

While running through the blogs, I stumbled across the link (click on the title above) that offers insight to the complexity of several ... make that 'many' of us? I need to hit the weights and dinner but have you visited this site before?

On another line of thought... I realized I had collected, over the years, quite a few photos from our different postings. It struck me as I was viewing through the array that if the photo was a beautiful women, I loved those wonderful naked ladies with a sincere smile on their face... like most of those found at www.domai.com. Many of the others that appealed to me included a 'most pleasurable' expression of joy in the women's face as she was engaged in sex. As I have only scratched the surface of the web site mentioned above, it is clear I love to watch, as does more of us than we will admit. I'm thinking that watching that expression on my lover's face is extremely enticing...

Another note, also covered in the same site, is the link to spirituality and our curious lifestyles. I just finished reading 'The Shack'... and if you have also, you know why it is still on the best sellers list week after week. The interesting thing, although the focus of the book seems directed to another area entirely, is ... OMG... many of our societal rules are created by... us. Yeah... not God, but rather society. Because so many of our relationships are so fragile? Because we males have (or at least I've been told) difficulty expressing our selves, and our feelings?

I've barely started here, but need to exercise now (ok, yeah look what you have done Tom, we're all thinking healthy! ...
Just kidding ;-) Yes... chastity, tease & denial too, but if you are handing that key away, you want to be still looking good in that cage).

Love on Ladies & Gentlemen.

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